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Marvelous Jackson: Due September 10, 2024!

I'm beyond thrilled to share that my second book is on the way!

Marvelous Jackson will be published next fall by Orange Hat Publishing. This news fills me with immense joy and relief, because I spent more than two-and-a-half years writing, editing, and revising my manuscript. My amazing editor at Good Story Company pushed me hard, and I'm glad she did because I'm deeply pleased with the final result.

If you've read Crossing the Pressure Line, you might remember Jack as the lonely, wayward kid who rides around town on his dirt bike and stirs up trouble for Clare, Lola, and Theo. In Marvelous Jackson, he takes his mischief too far, and, faced with the possibility of unbearable consequences (did somebody say boarding school in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan?!), knows he must change.

Jack rediscovers the love of baking he shared with his late mom. Confident that making sweet treats will help him stay out of trouble, he decides to audition for The Marvelous Midwest Kids Baking Championship television show, even though it’s a huge reach. Between memorizing recipes and learning the finer points of scones and sprinkles, Jack finds a new sense of purpose, mends his broken relationship with his dad, and discovers how capable he is.

Marvelous Jackson is about taking risks and making mistakes, and it celebrates the power of humor, friendship, and sweet treats to make any situation better, even a broken heart. It's the perfect story for 8- to 12-year-olds who love to bake, who feel like they don't fit in, or who are trying to figure out what ignites their interest and passion.

Marvelous Jackson is a companion book to Crossing the Pressure Line, but it's a standalone story that will make you laugh (and maybe cry, just a little bit!). FOR SURE it'll make you hungry, so have yummy snacks nearby.

I'm so looking forward to sharing Jack's story with you on September 10, 2024.


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