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Using All the Senses You've Got

The world is better when you've got your eyes, ears, and nose wide open! Whether it's the beauty of a blue silo in the Wisconsin countryside, the cawing of crows overhead, or the scent of her grandmother's tomato plant on her fingers, my character Clare Burch remains present to all the sensory stimuli around her. I, too, try to stay mindful of the sights, sounds, and smells in my own life, because when I'm clicked into them, everything becomes more abundant and satisfying for me.

Of course, if you're missing one or more of your senses, you can learn to compensate -- just like Clare's blind dachshund, Roger. This adorable character is based on my own little dog, Lucy Rae, who has no idea that she's "handicapped." She's feisty and brave, and she does things like leap onto our couch with nothing but her courage guiding her. Roger does this in a scene with Clare, and she marvels at his act of faith: to be blind yet unafraid to jump.


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