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A Different Place, a Different Season, a Different Mindset

What’s your very favorite place in the world?

Mine is Boulder Junction, Wisconsin. This beautiful town largely inspired my fictional setting of Alwyn in Crossing the Pressure Line. It’s situated in the Northwoods, just north of State Highway Eight, which is sometimes referred to as the pressure line. (As soon as you drive over it, there’s more oxygen in the air, I swear!) I adore this idea of crossing from one thing to another—a different place, a different season, a different mindset. Sometimes it’s the nudge we need to stretch our comfort zones and learn what we’re capable of.

Twelve-year-old Clare Burch, my main character in Crossing the Pressure Line, is deeply changed by her time up north. Her journey is filled with new friends and unexpected experiences, and when her summer in Alwyn comes to an end, she can see just how tough she really is.

Whether your favorite place is a tropical beach or a bustling city, I hope that Crossing the Pressure Line leads you to appreciate it even more!

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