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The Best Novels for Girls Who Love the Outdoors

Crossing the Pressure Line celebrates a sense of wonder and reverence for the natural world, which I believe is essential in these times of cell phones, social media, and virtual everything. Go outside! Move your body! Sweat! You'll experience a rush of endorphins while seriously recharging your battery.

I was so excited when Shepherd invited me to contribute to their new and developing website, which introduces readers to authors and books they might not have thought of. Shepherd is like wandering around your favorite bookstore but reimagined for the online world. You can see what I mean by clicking here.

Specifically, Shepherd asked me to tell them a little bit about my novel (which launches March 1!) and compile a list of The best middle grade novels for girls who love the outdoors - Shepherd. I'm thrilled with how it turned out.

Like Crossing the Pressure Line, the books I've chosen present main characters who don't mind getting dirty. Among other things, they collect rocks, play soccer, make rafts, sail boats, and protect endangered birds. They are tough and scrappy girls, and my own Clare Burch would love to hang out with any of them.

What are your favorite books about the outdoors? Are there any I should've added?

Happy reading!


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